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August 15, 2008


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Absolutely. The next step is to ask Congress to appropriate funds for the program - and since the new higher education act has something like 60 new programs in it, we have some stiff competition (not to mention a dismal federal fiscal landscape). But the University Sustaianbaility Program received a good deal of bipartisan support as it went through the approval process, so we're optimistic and have begun efforts to get some funds in the next budget that we can(probably FY2010). Once funded, the Department of Education will then design the details of the grantmaking program and issue an RFP. And we'lll keep you abreast of each step along the way.


Please keep us posted on the regulatory process to implement this legislation. Thank you for all your dedicated efforts.

As a college student heading a student organization devoted to increasing campus sufficiency, it is encouraging to know that all the hard work our campus needs has a real sustainable future. The burden of start-up capital has haunted our campus's progress. The most inspiring piece of this work is that campus energy efficiency has a direct correlation with the devastating injustices faced in local and national cmmunities. This couldn't be more exciting of a time to live!! I believe a socially just future will permeate through this environmental trend; a foundation of a collective, unified world!

Yes, it's a big step forward. Now we need to get to work on securing funding for the new program as part of next year's budget appropriation process.

Thank you for sharing this; it is great news that was not covered when I heard about Bush signing HR4137. Let's hope that schools really take advantage of it and demonstrate their ability to go green.

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